This 22-acre site in Goochland is a private campground for rent. ((((Photo courtesy of Mike Guyer).

Carter Snipes was looking for a place to relax when he bought a 22-acre countryside plot in Goochland in the midst of a pandemic in 2020.

At the time, he didn’t expect it to be a business opportunity in the end.

Carter Snipe

Snipes, whose development credits in the city include Hoffheimerville Winery Blancbury Park When Meridian Town HomeRecently opened Rigsby Pond Retreat, a campsite and cabin getaway on his land at 3270 RigsbyHollowRoad.

The rentable land provides access to the camp’s staples such as forest trails, fishing ponds, fire pits and outdoor showers. This location is highlighted by the two-storey hunting cabin Snipes, which has been refurbished with an upgraded HVAC system, kitchen, washing machine and more.

Snipes bought land for $ 270,000 in July 2020 and spent another $ 50,000 to refurbish the cabin, initially used as a vacation for friends and family.

“When I went out with my kids and friends, I was disappointed that there was no camping-type concept here because it’s so beautiful and close to the city.” Snipes said. “I did some research on it and found that it was prone to glamping experiences and not so much in Richmond itself.”

Located about 35 miles west of downtown Richmond, the property is partitioned for agriculture and can now be rented to groups of up to 10 people. However, he said he did not envision it as a major event venue.

Carter Snipes has refurbished the cabin to include a new HVAC system, kitchen and more.

“It wasn’t designed for weddings or anything like that,” Snipes said. “It’s just a birthday or a small family gathering.”

The cabin can accommodate up to 4 people, and other guests can set up a tent outdoors, according to Snipes. The current rental fee is $ 650 for 2 nights at Riggsby Pond.

The pond of the same name in Rigsby Pond can be accessed from the property’s dock.

Snipes hasn’t taken his focus off the city while he’s busy in the countryside.He plans to renovate the roof and ground floor space of the Hoffheimer Building he listed. Released in the summer of 2020 After a failed transaction with a future buyer, before taking it out of the market.

Riggsby Pond isn’t necessarily a hot area project, but Snipes said he’s still excited about it.

“I’m excited when I find an opportunity to do a real estate transaction and that’s what I’m passionate about,” Snipes said. “This is a good economic project, not an apartment deal.”