At Manchester Airport, vacationers said they were forced to “pee in a plastic bag” while the children were in the queue for five hours.

Family trying to escape for Easter vacation Due to a shortage of staff, we faced a huge waiting time.


Manchester Airport Queuing ConfusionCredit: Ryan Jenkinson / Story Picture Agency
Jack Makin, 32, and Laura Story-Makin, 32, saw children


Jack Makin, 32, and Laura Story-Makin, 32, saw children “forced to pee in a plastic bag.”Credit: MEN Media

Now travelers have talked about the horror of the chaos of the queue when they saw small children “forced to urinate in a bag.”

Jack McKin, 32, and his wife, Laura Story Makin, 32, arrived at the airport three and a half hours before their flight to Malta on April 1st to celebrate their anniversary.

However, their trip did not lead to a romantic start, as they witnessed young children getting sick during the five “intensive” times it took them to reach the boarding gate. bottom.

Jack, a Winsford postman and photographer in Cheshire, told Manchester Evening News: Staff to open security there “

“So the equivalent of two terminals passed through one security area. It was a riot. About five staff members were in charge of everything and handed out luggage trays.

“The family in front of me had a child who began to get sick due to dehydration and heat exhaustion.

“Children had to pee in a plastic bag that you normally put liquid in. That was horrifying.”

The couple, who arrived at the airport at 4:30 pm, were still in line to pass security at 8:15 pm. And their flight was scheduled to take off at 8:05 pm.

By 9 pm they had gone through-but there was a further delay when they had to be checked by members of the staff.

Jack said: Can answer us.

“We had to put it all at risk, hoping that the pilot didn’t help us after five hours of fierce fighting.”

However, after their “hellish ordeal”, they finally arrived at the boarding gate and their flight took off three hours late at 11:15 pm.

However, two and a half hours after the flight, a woman fell through the toilet door.

Jack explained: “Laura went to see what was going on. This poor woman was suffering from low blood pressure and fainted when she entered the bathroom. Laura was with a very talented Ryanair staff. She laid her down and raised her legs. After a few minutes, she felt better.

“Within 10 minutes, an elderly gentleman passed our seat and fell to the floor with a terrible noise. Laura jumped out of her seat again and ran to help the man. Fortunately. A surgeon was on board and noticed he was low. He monitored his blood pressure and for a while. “

After their “worst experience at the airport”, the “sleep deprived” pair finally arrived at a hotel in Malta around 5 am.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport apologized for the delay and said the guards dealt with the “difficult situation” as much as possible.

The vacationers were queued for 5 hours


The vacationers were queued for 5 hoursCredit: Getty