Virginia, quietly nestled in the tranquil streets of historic Alexandria, Liberty HouseA restored 162-year-old townhouse that was just called the most popular vacation rental in the United States

The quaint blue house blends historic buildings with modern fixtures. This combination won the hottest property award of the year. Eviivo, online booking software For hotels, vacation rentals, beds & breakfasts.This award is part of Eviivo’s annual Host International WeekEvery year, the company emphasizes independently owned hotels and rental properties.

Modern fixtures in the Liberty House in Alexandria, Virginia.

Source: eviivo

According to Eviivo, the highest honor of the year will be given to the Liberty House, built in 1860 and restored in 2018 by owners Cameron and Noelle Foster. The two-bedroom, 1.5-bath detached town home, which provides visitors with access to the cobblestone streets of Alexandria’s Old Town district, is one of the hundreds of properties nationwide that have submitted entries for the Ebiivo Annual Awards. was.

In a statement, Award Judge Rebecca Lombardo said, “The Liberty House not only provides crisp, clear, high-quality visuals inside, but also an antique map showing the location of the property in a context-sensitive manner. I also had it. ” Lombardo, Chief Marketing Officer of TruPlace, who creates virtual tours and photos of rental properties, was a judge on Eviivo’s Hottest Property Awards, along with New York City travel writer Adrienne Jordan.

The judges evaluated the entries based on each property’s originality, innovation, and how photogenic it is. According to the Eviivo website.. The company added that attention to detail, comfort, and certain “cool factors” were also taken into account during the review.

Outdoor patio space at Liberty House in Alexandria, Virginia.

Source: Eviivo

For the Liberty House, a private outdoor patio space decorated with string lights and lounge chairs, a brick fireplace in the living room with the original wooden mantel of the house built in 1860, a master bathroom with underfloor heating, etc. Has excellent features. .. You can even find a patriotic nod in the history of the region throughout the house in George Washington’s paintings, or even throw a pillow in the face of the founding father. Home Airbnb page.

Inside the Liberty House in Alexandria, Virginia.

Source: eviivo