Good Friday traffic

Drivers faced a busy Easter Saturday, but traffic is said to be flowing as people make their escape for a bank holiday weekend.

According to AA, the roads are slightly delayed, but less crowded than Good Friday.

Automotive organizations predict that a total of 27.6 million trips will be made during a hectic time than a normal Easter weekend to help people enjoy sunny days, embark on their stays and avoid engineering train trips. increase.

AA President Edmund King said a crash occurred on part of the M6 ​​early Saturday, with a delay of up to 40 minutes.

He added that the route to the southwest wasn’t as busy as Good Friday, but there was some delay on the M4 and M5 near Bristol.

He states: “Today’s traffic is busy, but not as crowded as Good Friday.

“I drove 176 miles from Hertfordshire to Old Trafford in three and a half hours and charged my car along the way.

“Overall, the photos are busy, but the traffic is generally flowing.”

According to the Royal Berkshire Fire Rescue Team, a fire in an industrial building “including the possibility of pyrotechnics and fireworks” closed part of the M4 in Westbrook, Newbury.

There were reports of fires shortly before 2:00 pm, but no casualties were reported by Saturday evening.

People were urged to leave the area while the ambulance crew was dealing with the incident, but M4 junctions 13 and 14 resumed.

The Kent County Council has reduced the operations block to “free flow.” This is the lowest layer of control that allows trucks to move smoothly to the Dover Port and the Eurotunnel without being constrained by the M20. “

The suspension of the Dover-Curry voyage by the P & O ferry has led to a lack of capacity on major routes, which has recently contributed to the formation of heavy truck lines on roads approaching Dover Port.

A 23-mile coastal M20 from Junction 8 (Maidstone) to Junction 11 (Westenhanger) was closed to accommodate thousands of heavy trucks as part of Operation Block.

Raleigh queued in the M20 operation block
Raleigh queued for Operation Brock of M20 (Gareth Fuller / PA)

In a statement on Saturday, Simon Jones, strategic leader of the Kent Resilience Forum, said that he was able to reduce block control for the rest of the Easter weekend. It has been improved. “

Nicola Bell, Regional Director of National Highways, said: Also, this Bank Holiday visitor to Kent will help you make a smooth trip to many of the county’s great attractions. “

RAC is the best time to travel the main roads after 3 pm on both Easter Saturday and Sunday, before 10:30 am on Easter Monday, or 6:30 pm to avoid the main lines. Proposes to be after minutes.

Meanwhile, the Association of Gasoline Retailers (PRA), which represents an independent avant-garde, said it was unaware of the widespread problem, but there were some reports of fuel shortages.

Gordon Balmer, Executive Director of PRA, said: However, most are unaffected.

“Fuel suppliers are working hard to ensure that fuel is delivered as soon as possible, and our members work closely with them and follow their advice.”

A woman in London told PA News Agency: She tried about five different stations and managed to get them at a Texaco gas station, but only two pumps were working. “