Paid leave should be an opportunity to escape from everyday life and do something fun. Whether you’re spending your weekend vacation in a nearby town or traveling to another state or country, it’s time to ignore the problem and relax.Horror movies like We, Cabin in the WoodsWhen final destinationBut don’t worry about your vacation expectations. They are trying to ruin a perfect fun time with unexpected twists and turns, murderers, zombies and more.

Here are 11 vacation horror movies to watch before your next vacation.

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Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Berlin Syndrome-Movie
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Cate shortlandof Berlin Syndrome For women who like to travel alone, it may be the scariest movie on this list. Australian backpacker Claire (Teresa Palmer) Meet Andy (Max Riemelt) During my vacation in Berlin. On the surface, this looks like a harmless vacation escape. He guides her around the city on her last day, they sleep together and she spends the night at his place. But when she woke up the next morning, she realized he was out for her job and was trapped in an apartment, and she didn’t intend to leave her when he returned. Berlin Syndrome Take an unlikely scenario (hopefully) and turn it into a terrifying reality. Watching this movie, you can definitely guess the strangers you’ll meet on your next vacation.

Us (2019)

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Jordan PeeleSecond grade function We Follow the Wilson family on a family trip to Santa Cruz, California. Adelaide (Lupita Nyongo) Is worried about coming back after experiencing trauma at a family lake house as a kid, but set it aside and spend a fun day on the beach with her husband Gabe. can do(Winston Duke) And their children. The day starts normally, but when a family that looks exactly like them appears on the driveway later that night, things turn in a terrifying and strange direction. Wilson’s Doppelganger is out for revenge, and the family is to fight for their lives until morning.

Hut in the forest (2011)

Cabin in the Woods Ending
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On the surface, Cabin in the Woods It has the qualities of a stereotyped horror movie. A group of young college students go to a secluded cabin over the weekend, encounter a creepy man at a gas station, and warn of danger. You will find a lot of strange old things in the cabin. Definitely a cursed basement. But what the unsuspecting youth are unaware of is that secret governmental organizations offer them at the expense of rituals while they swim the blast in the lake and do the truth or the challenge. It means that you have built the whole trip.This extra layer of conspiracy Cabin in the Woods It stands out from other weekend vacation horror movies. Also, if a little-known cousin invites you to stay in a remote cabin you’ve never been to, do a little research first.

New Infection Final Express (2016)

Soku holding her daughter

In this Korean zombie movie, a chronically busy dad Soku (Gongwoo) You can board the train to Busan with your daughter and spend your birthday with your mother. Unfortunately for them and all the passengers, someone infected with the zombie virus jumped on the train just before leaving Seoul. As she transforms, confusion occurs in confined spaces as the virus spreads to both trains and passing cities. Survivors are forced to flock to empty cars, protect themselves from undead passengers, and hope to survive long enough to find a safe city to stop by. New infection final express Taking advantage of the location, the train is claustrophobic and makes you feel like it’s the only important world in the movie. Paradoxically, it’s a safe haven and a death trap rushing towards an uncertain future.

Final Destination (2000)

final destination
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The final destination Franchises are well known for taking regular life events and making them deadly, and the first installments are no exception. Before going on a class trip to Paris, Alex (Devon Sawa) I have a vision that the plane will explode on takeoff and kill him and his classmates. He was astonished that he, his teacher, and some of his classmates were kicked out of the plane. The plane then explodes as Alex predicted, and the survivors need to deal with the aftermath. Not only do they have to deal with the trauma of losing their classmates and colleagues violently, but they also have to defeat the mysterious and malicious forces that kill them.

Travel (2021)

Travel image
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Married couple Lisa (Noomi Rapace) And Lars (Askel Henny) Tell your friends and family to go to the family hut on weekend vacations and reconnect and repair the broken relationship. But in reality, both have plans to kill the other to claim life insurance. Journey It starts as a marital cat-and-mouse game, but things get even more crazy when they discover a group of murderers who have just escaped from prison hiding in the cabin with them. After the scammers take the pair hostage, Lisa and Lars need to know if they trust each other enough to work together and escape the prisoners, or if they sell each other to survive. I have. This Norwegian film combines burglary horror with slasher-like killings to create a truly wild vehicle.

Midsummer (2019)

Midsummer Florence Pugh

The summer festival in a remote town in Sweden seems to be a fun time. Relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world has something that sounds incredibly fascinating. But ticks (Florence Pugh), Her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor), And his friends are unaware that this seemingly idyllic community is far from it. They weren’t invited because of the kindness of the community, but were invited to attend a variety of ritual events, from the bizarre to the deadly, of doing Majalos dance with herbs like drugs. I did. But by the time other outsiders find themselves disappearing, it’s too late to escape what the community has planned. Midsummer Turns the setting of bright and cheerful people into a nightmare spooky village, proving that sunlight can hold as much fear as darkness.

I still know what you did last summer (1998)

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Still suffering from events I know what you did last summer, Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) I’m having a hard time enjoying her summer. After my roommate Keila (Brandy Norwood) Win all the costly trips to the Bahamas, she hopes this escape will eventually give her the opportunity to relax and move on. But of course, this vacation is not that easy. For starters, their trip is planned for the “off-season” when heavy storms hit the island, which is essentially abandoned by tourists. This scenario is definitely not ideal for tropical vacations, teeth The perfect environment for a killer to take revenge. Sure, this movie is a bit cheesy-the weapon the murderer chooses is a one-handed hook-but that place makes it a unique slasher worth seeing.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Pamela Voorhees on Friday the 13th

Typical “summer camp didn’t work” movie, original Friday the 13th It’s the best horror of the 80’s. Decades after the death of the boy and a few counselors, Camp Crystal Lake will reopen under new ownership. Counselors arrive to help prepare the ground before the children arrive, and of course they decide to have a little fun while doing it. For these young adults, this seems to be the best time to get paid and free. But they know very little that there are creepy people nearby looking for excuses to kill them and prevent the camp from resuming.not only Friday the 13th It’s a great vacation movie and one of the biggest murderers in slasher history.

Rental (2020)

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rental It may be a slow-burning thriller rather than a complete horror movie, but its eerie premise alone is worth watching. Charlie (his friend and business partner)Dan Stevens) And Mina (Sheila Vand) I decided to book a rental home on the waterfront over the weekend to celebrate the company’s favorable deal. They bring their romantic partner Michelle (Alison brie) And Josh (Jeremy Allen White) It should be a relaxing weekend. But when you discover a locked room under the house and a camera hidden in the shower, things start to get weird. Things escalate when the creepy owner is involved. It begins as a cover-up among flirt lovers and ends with murder. Despite the soap opera hints rental It feels so real that you might even guess the next Airbnb.

Blood Red Sky (2021)

Blood red sky
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and Blood red sky it’s not Technically Vacation movie – Naja (Peri Baumeister) Goes to America for the treatment of rare vampire blood disorders, not a relaxing vacation, but most of this movie is done by plane, so trust me and slide this .. Naja is desperate to treat her so that she can’t completely transform into a vampire and hurt her son. The pair jumps on a plane to New York, hoping for a new life and future free from this horror. But things don’t go well when their plane is hijacked and Naja is forced to accept her vampire nature to protect her son. Her actions unintentionally spread her illness and turn other passengers into bloodthirsty vampires. Blood red sky Is a part Die Hard Style thrillers and some vampire movies – viewers can decide who is the more monster, what Naja really is, or the sadistic hijacker.

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