Many people travel to the beach because the sun remains all over the UK. The survey specifies top beaches to visit nationwide.

As the days get longer and warmer, many British people are thinking of taking a vacation.

Travel restrictions on overseas travel have been relaxed, but many are still trying to stay in the UK for vacation.

This is according to a HomeToGo survey showing that the number of searches for rental properties in coastal areas and tourist hotspots increased by 55%, 154% and 259% year-on-year.

Those who want to stay in the UK may want a nearby beach to help them enjoy the sun.

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The holiday company also announced what turned out to be the top beach in the UK.

The beaches of England and Wales were included in the list, and five locations in each country were in the top ten.

The number one spot is Slanda Nugu Beach in Gwynedd, which was rated 4.1 out of 5 by visitors.

In addition, we got an index score of 27.2 out of 30 points.

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This was followed by White Sands Beach in Pembrokeshire (index score 25.9) and Sandbanks Beach in Dorset (score 25.8).

Fourth on the list was Marrose Sands Beach in Pembrokeshire.

The index score was 25.7, which was behind the others, but was ranked second in the visitor’s comments.

Visitors to the beach gave it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The top-ranked Slanda Nugu Beach has many positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

User Harriet writes: “This beach has everything. There are rocky pools, shallow waters, child-safe pools, cafes and toilets to explore.

“Easy to access from the parking lot. There is also a chapel that was once buried in the sand.”

“A combination or sand and stone beach. A nice walk, or just sitting,” Epacse added.

“It’s a great area with some great views. Watch out for windy days when the sand can pierce.”

Richard commented: “I stopped by on a sunny day. Parking nearby-I’m busy but I can park.

“The ebb and flow of the tide, a good combination of sand and stone. A nearby cafe. A beautiful beach with a local history nearby-something for everyone.”

Top 10 beaches

1. Slanda Nugu Beach in Gwynedd

2. Pembrokeshire, White Sands Beach

3. Sandbanks Beach, Dorset

4. Pembrokeshire, Marrose Sands Beach

5. Norfolk, Sheringham Beach

6. Lincolnshire, Ingoldmells Beach

7. Mwnt Beach, Ceredigion

8. Essex Dovercourt Beach

9. Anderby Creek Beach, Lincolnshire

10. Los Onsea / Colwin Bay Beach, Conwy