There is no doubt that holidays and holidays are very beneficial for employees. Whether vacation is unpaid or paid, employees need time away from their desks. In one Forbes article, Caroline Castillion even claimed: Taking a vacation can save your life.

In recent years, some companies have gone above and beyond to give their employees maximum time for personal rejuvenation. For one Utah-based company, taking care of its employees means taking every staff member on her five-day vacation called “HeroCon.”

What is Herocon?

job nimbus is a CRM and project management software company supporting roofing and construction professionals. Ben Hodson founded the company in 2013. From the beginning, Hodson was passionate about building not just a great business, but a great company environment.

With the help of his team, Hodson established a company-wide theme based on the protagonist’s journey. This theme pervades the entire company, the onboarding process, and even the names of each office and his area.

In 2020, Hodson wanted to do even more to thank his employees. The VP of Marketing brainstormed with Mark Olson and the decision was made to put the entire company on vacation in December 2020. The title of the conference is “HeroCon” after the hero’s journey.

Every December since then, Hodson and all his employees embarked on a five-day all-inclusive vacation. Destinations include Maui, Hawaii, and Cabo. This December, the company will join his five-day Baja, Mexico cruise with stops at Catalina Island and Ensenada.

Benefits of company-wide leave

I recently interviewed Mark Olson and Jared Olsen, VP of People Experience at JobNimbus. He asked what the company-wide vacation was for. They each described three major company benefits he experienced as a result of HeroCon.

1. Sharing experiences

The purpose of HeroCon was to create personal connections between employees. Most companies offer Christmas bonuses or gifts. These are great benefits, but employees don’t associate those items or purchases with their experience with the company.

According to an article published by McKinsey & Company“Studies show that people who report having a positive employee experience have 16 times higher levels of engagement and are eight times more likely to want to stay with their company than employees who have had a negative experience. It has been.”

Olsen said: Where employees can truly connect is on the beach away from the office. These influential experiences boost team morale even when everyone is back at their desks. ”

2. Mental health

Burnout is real. Director of Research Strategy at Gallup, Ben Wigert, said: “According to a recent report from Gallup, Employee Burnout: Causes and Treatments, 76% of employees say they experience burnout at work at least occasionally, and 28% say they “very often” or “always” burn out at work. ”

As evidenced by recent data big resignation, employees make mental health a top priority. As a result, companies tend to take additional measures to improve mental health benefits.

For JobNimbus, company vacations were the answer to proactively support the mental health of their team. Company leaders have found that both planning and executing company-wide vacations support the mental stamina of their employees.

Vacations are also an important way for employees to connect with loved ones and their personal support team.according to very well“Research also demonstrates links between social relationships and various aspects of health and wellness.” pay to

Olsen said: HeroCon is an opportunity to show your family the good things happening at work. At HeroCon, we try to remind our employees’ loved ones that they are part of our team, too. “

3. Business success

HeroCon is above all for our employees. However, there is no doubt that JobNimbus is benefiting as a business from the company-wide hiatus. Today, the company is rated his 18th. BusinessQ MagazineThe fastest growing company in Utah Valley. Olsen attributes much of the company’s success to his HeroCon.

Olsen also reported that employee performance particularly improved each January, with the company’s Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) skyrocketing after the trip. Employees return “recharged” from their trips, having a direct and positive impact on sales.

psychology today Vacations have been shown to increase employee productivity. Emma Seppälä writes: This is a win-win for both employees and organizations, especially given the fact that unused vacation costs US businesses $224 billion annually. “

Retention is also improved because employees realize their value through events such as company-wide vacations. This is a great advantage for businesses given the high cost of turnover.

According to the built-in Kate Heinz“It is estimated that the loss of an employee can cost a company 1.5 to 2 times the employee’s salary. average cost per employee is $1,500 per employee For technical roles, the cost jumps to 100-150% of salary At the high end, C-suite turnover is 213% of salary There is a possibility.”