Caravan tourism is extremely popular with Indian tourists. After the roads to all destinations have been opened in Covid-19 relaxation, people are packing up their luggage and going on a trip. Some people like real trips, such as choosing a car, visiting tourist destinations, and going home, while others like to try a trip. Some people like to turn a monotonous and simple trio into an adventurous trio with an interesting twist. This time, this twist is the caravan.

Caravan is the concept of building a house on wheels. In the bath, the small house is built with an operable kitchen, a washroom, and a comfortable bedroom. You can take it to a place without thinking about renting a hotel room. The Ministry of Tourism has launched various initiatives in different states to promote caravan tourism. Take a look at some interesting concepts that are gaining momentum and gaining popularity among people.

Why caravan?

India is witnessing the demand for eco, adventure, wildlife and pilgrimage tourism. However, not all locations have been well developed to provide tourists with a choice of well-equipped and excellent accommodation. With this in mind, caravan tourism may encourage tourism in such places. Even in remote areas, you can stay and enjoy the beauty without worrying about looking for a roof.

COVID-19 has increased the concern of those exposed to the crowd. With traditional hotel setups and public transport, people have to meet a lot of people, increasing their chances of getting infected. To prevent exposure to the outside world, people are now looking for a caravan that is safer, more intimate and provides you with your personal space.

The caravan is comfortable and provides end-to-end connectivity and flexibility for the tourism industry. People travel for leisure, and then what’s better if they have a car that allows them to comfortably cover long distances.

What is a caravan park?

Caravans cannot be parked anywhere. They need a safe place where vehicles can stay overnight without worrying about security issues. Caravan parks are those places. The caravan park is a special park set up solely for the purpose of parking the caravan overnight. They occupy a huge space on the boundary fence, so intruders cannot enter the area.

What caravan options do you have in India?

Many Indian states have launched caravan programs, which are a great way to boost tourism in the state. Madhya Pradesh is one of the first states to introduce caravan tourism in India in 2020 under a special campaign called “intezaar khatam hua”. Separately, you can drive to Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Rajasthan, and many other states. From state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, there are several caravan companies that offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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