Today marks the resurgence of All-Star Sports, another milestone in the gradual reopening of Walt Disney World. This isn’t because it’s a big fan of hotels (the second most popular ASS after Alien Swirling Saucers in WDW), but for the first time since March 2020, all Walt Disney World hotels are open. Because.

For Walt Disney World resorts, it was a long and slow road to recovery for almost two years at this point. Disney Vacation Club resorts began welcoming guests in June 2020, even before the park reopened. Other hotels returned slowly, but there were some false starts and postponements due to their low occupancy.

The most extreme example of this is Animal Kingdom Lodge. This lodge operates with a occupancy rate of about 10% because the hotel room was not used at the time. We had many “surreal stays” when the resort was a true ghost town, like a real haunted hotel. It was touching and uplifting at the time, a breath of fresh air after being trapped in the house for two months.

To be honest, those memories aren’t old enough. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still very grateful that Walt Disney World was in the backyard and I was able to start over faster than most people. We are also pleased that the resort was relatively quiet and Disney took the health and safety protocol of the time seriously.

On top of that, the closure for a few months kept things in sight and gave Walt Disney World a fresh appreciation. All of this prompted us, frankly, the necessary resets regarding Disney.Even now, companies are making frustrating decisions one after another, but we haven’t used parks or resorts yet. themselves Naturally.

However, the visits and stays after the reopening are not wonderful memories as they are closely intertwined with what was happening in the real world at the time. Fear, uncertainty, anger, controversy, and everything else. At that time, returning to Walt Disney World was a long-awaited amnesty from all of them. Now it’s just mixed with scars, trauma, or whatever you want to call it from that spring and summer.

Some readers have asked us to do a retrospective or look back at the closure of Walt Disney World, and I think this should be enough. Otherwise, I have no interest in revisiting 2020. It’s not just Disney. We long ago “retired” other habits, from the food we ate regularly to the walkways in the neighborhood. Needless to say, we don’t watch the inevitable Disney movie of the year, and I certainly don’t write about it.

That’s probably a strange digression, but the point is that not only are all the resorts back, but they and the park are very happy to be full of people. The Walt Disney World crowd is a hot topic here, but to be honest, for now I at least don’t care about them. If anything, the ghost town park at the end of the summer of 2020 has polluted my empty park experience. (I think these views on low and high communities will eventually fade.)

All of this is a major reason for “celebrating” all seemingly insignificant developments in Walt Disney World’s return to normal. Step by step from gradual resumption to pre-closure experience, even if it doesn’t bother us. JeezGood news. Needless to say, it’s great for cast members and anyone else who enjoys it. For us, it’s also a bit cathartic – like a little closure.

I don’t know of any other way to explain my emotional reaction when I heard the news that Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort was reopened. (Well, I also laughed at what they did No Remodel the room during a long-term closure. ) This is literally my most disliked hotel at Walt Disney World. There are too many unpleasant memories of staying at Pop Warner and things like random cheerleaders. Still, here I am very happy with this news.

“Get me” after seeing Walt Disney World’s latest information on the resumption of all-star sports. According to it, all the cast members were smiling when the first guest arrived. And as guests once again played, dine, and enjoyed the resort’s favorite sport-themed areas, their enthusiasm grew.

I hope you enjoy this cheesy video as much as I do against that rambling background.

Through the gradual reopening at Walt Disney World, approximately 70,000 cast members were welcomed in various roles. From housekeeping to merchandise, engineering services and food and drink, these cast members bring parks and resorts to life.

These cast members are at the heart of Walt Disney World and we are very pleased to see more and more cast members returning.

To give this post my rambling practical purpose and value, let me briefly explain the potential impact of Walt Disney World reopening another resort. As you may know, some hotels are already “sold out” or will not be available on many dates in the coming months. (look What about Walt Disney World sold out hotels?).

This is still a problem, but it seems to be much better (based on recent searches for availability).Knock on a tree). We found everything from 1 night to 1 week stay in almost all resorts (except deluxe villas) and room category. Compared to last year’s holiday season, it’s the difference between day and night.

That said, this is not just a by-product of the resort’s reopening. After visiting all the resorts last fall, the problem wasn’t resolved, but all-star sports have resumed. This is because even the operating resorts were understaffed. As a result, the entire section of Port Orleans and other resorts is no longer filled.

Staff shortages have been addressed to some extent, as evidenced by standard housekeeping practices that have been reopened at many resorts. (look How about Hotel Housekeeping at Walt Disney World?) Our guess is that All Star Sports isn’t open with only two buildings in use. This is probably much closer to a normal guest load and should help absorb demand in a meaningful way.

After all, even if all the hotels opened for the first time in more than two years, we’re probably not out of the woods yet due to resort availability issues at Walt Disney World. We had a flickering hope about normalization in the past, but only because of another surge of tired demand to blame us for those concepts. (I wrote that Park Pass bookings are likely to be “official” after the holiday season, but obviously that was wrong!)

It remains to be seen how the supply and demand story will continue to unfold at Walt Disney World, and at what point discounts, resort occupancy, restaurant capacity, and so many operational aspects will stabilize.What we know is that we are tasting the gradual return of normality, and certainly Love We welcome Disney dining plans, bounceback offers, full menus and more to your mix. In the meantime, we are patient and grateful for what we have.

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