As of 2022, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Launch MVP Gold 100K, the new highest status of the program. Some great new perks have been rolled out for members, but nothing has been taken away.

MVP Gold 100K members have a choice of perks

In addition to standard Elite Benefits, MVP Gold 100K Members may select Choice Benefits upon qualifying for status this year (this applies to the 2023 program year if they qualify for status in 2022). will be displayed). Eligible members will be able to select benefits in early January 2023.

Options are:

  • 50,000 Alaska Mileage Plan bonus miles
  • Alaska Lounge+ Membership
  • Ability to Gift MVP Gold Status to Someone
  • Free Wi-Fi on every flight with Alaska Airlines

This is a pleasant surprise as it is in addition to the benefits MVP Gold 100K members can earn in other ways. It will also automatically add to her 50,000 bonus miles earned by members upon qualifying for MVP Gold 75,000 status.

The only surprise is that the program was only announced in Q4. We would like to announce this earlier this year so more people can have a shot at this status.

Members can choose 50,000 miles from the Alaska Mileage Plan

Which Alaska Choice Benefit option is the most valuable?

Which of these four options is the most valuable? Here’s how to calculate the numbers for these options.

  • Me worth An Alaskan mile is 1.7 cents, so 50,000 bonus miles is worth $850 to me.
  • Ann Alaska Lounge+ Membership MVP Gold 100K members typically cost $500
  • MVP Gold status is Alaska’s second lowest elite tier, and its value is highly dependent on how well the nominee can use it.
  • Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi passes are $50 per month ($600 per year), but you can also purchase Wi-Fi for $8 per flight.

Personally, I would choose the bonus miles from the mileage plan. Good use of Alaska Miles (Although there are some Program changes planned for later this year). I rate these miles at $850, but other options with tangible value are worth $500-600. Of course, I can perfectly understand how to use one of the other options depending on the situation.

Members can choose Alaska Lounge+ Membership


Alaska MVP Gold 100K Members are eligible for new Choice Benefits when they qualify for status this year (2023 Membership Year). It’s great to see Alaska add perks to its elite members without taking anything away, and qualifying for MVP Gold 100K status is proving increasingly valuable.

What do you think of these new MVP Gold 100K Choice benefits?