For those flying on Sunday, it wasn’t welcomed as an Easter surprise. Alaska Airlines Flight canceled or delayed Seatuck International Airport Due to an ongoing shortage of pilots.

The airline said it was trying to rebook by letting travelers know if the flight was affected as soon as possible.

Whether people were flying for Easter, Spring Holidays, or vacations, the people we talked to were putting them on their toes in words of travel trouble.

“We put a lot of emphasis on moving out for cancellation, for example, every day we checked that there were no problems,” says Shelby Herrmann.

Harman and her husband have just returned to Washington after a cruise vacation.

They stuck to ensuring that everything went smoothly, as Alaska Airlines flight cancellations were aggregated.

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“My husband actually called Alaska before we left to see what was happening and see if we needed to change. They canceled 3 days ago. I told us that I would rebook us through another airline. I need it. “

By noon on Easter Sunday, at least 36 flights of Alaska Airlines were canceled and 11 flights were delayed.

Mary Heatherman wanted to be fine after returning to California to visit her son. UW..

“The plane is full and I’ve told people I want to go to another opportunity, but we’re fine. I hope you don’t regret saying that, but we’re okay.” “.

The airline said the main cause of the cancellation was the delay in the pilot’s graduation from training.

They provided this updated statement to FOX 13 News.

“As we contacted earlier this month, we continue to adjust our operational schedule. The main reason for the cancellation was the delay in pilots graduating from training. This was during the Omicron surge and the winter storm. Canceled or delayed due to illness of students or trainers. The focus is on ensuring both excellent pilot training and flight capabilities commensurate with crew availability. Minimal interruption of guest travel plans. We will do everything we can to keep it to a limit, but it will take time to completely solve this challenge.

If the itinerary is affected by schedule adjustments, we notify guests as soon as possible and successfully re-accommodate the majority of guests. Affected guests are encouraged to use the unique phone number provided to support the management of re-accommodations without waiting time. We apologize to any passengers who have canceled their flight as we continue to strive to return to a consistent and reliable flight. “

Alaska Airlines pilots are picketing all over the country saying they are overworked and have low wages. They have been promoting better contracts for almost three years.

The pilot crew union said last week that negotiations were stalled.

According to a spokeswoman, they have set up a three-day meeting this week to discuss the future.

Meanwhile, Herrmanns has evaded the cancellation this time and can finally sigh of relief.

“Today we weren’t too worried, and in fact we didn’t even check until we checked in from the hotel to our flight at 2am,” Herrmann said.

Her husband said they would have been stuck in California if there were any cancellations affecting them.

“Yeah. Yeah, we would have been stuck there, but everything was fine,” she said.

The Aviation Pilot Association said Delta pilots are scheduled to picket on Tuesday, they are also overworked and need a more flexible schedule.

The association said Alaskan pilots are there with Delta pilots to support them.

Delta shared this statement with FOX13 News.

“This information provided by some off-duty pilots will not disrupt your business. We will continue to evaluate and proactively evaluate our staff’s models so that we can recover quickly in the event of an unforeseen event. The resilience of Delta’s people is unmatched. In that respect, the pilot’s schedule is in line with all the requirements set by the FAA and the requirements outlined in the pilot contract. All employees, including pilots, are working hard to restore the airline and serve our customers. From the pandemic. We are grateful and proud of their efforts. . “

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