It was a tough weekend for airline passengers.

Due to the storm, the airline canceled flights on Saturday and Sunday and postponed more than 10,000 flights. Florida Due to Southwest Airlines technical issues, travelers across the country are stuck and waiting longer to reach the airline’s customer service. As of Sunday 3:15 pm, more than 3,400 flights have been canceled and 8,800 flights have been delayed this weekend, according to the Flight Tracker. FlightAware..

Flight issues are during the busy spring break travel season Travel is on the rise This is because demand from the pandemic is stagnant.

Southwest Airlines, the country’s largest airline, was hit hardest in terms of number of flights. The airline canceled 520 flights on Saturday, 14% of the flights, and 398 on Sunday.

In addition to the weather, Southwest said earlier Saturday that there were intermittent technical problems that hurt the airline.

Southwest Airlines, the largest airline in the country, Said before About 40% to 50% of the planes fly in Florida on certain days.

The low-cost carrier spirit, which has its headquarters and the largest hub in Fort Lauderdale, had the highest rate of cancellations on weekends. According to FlightAware, the airline has canceled 27% of Saturday flights and so far 27% of Sunday flights.

Low cost carrier: Frontier, the spirit to merge

According to FlightAware, JetBlue Airlines canceled 15% of flights on Sunday after canceling 15% of flights on Saturday.

American Airlines has canceled Saturday flight 364 and Sunday flight 211.

American spokesman Yamléque Murillo said the airline is still recovering from the effects of the Florida storm.

Passengers on all airlines are required to check flight status before heading to the airport on Sunday.

Is there a refund if my flight is canceled?

Travelers whose flights have been canceled by the airline are required to receive a refund as well as travel credits, regardless of the reason for the flight.

However, the problem for many travelers in such situations is that they still have to go home or go to their destination and the refund does not cover the expensive last flight of other airlines. In such cases, the only option is to accept the next available flight offered by the airline, even if not on the same day.

“It was a day”: Southwest passengers scramble to find new flights

Texas lawyer Prime Minister Erin was scheduled to fly from Austin to Greenville, South Carolina at the beginning of Sunday for a working meeting in Asheville, North Carolina.

At the end of Saturday, she received a text alert about a flight change. The Prime Minister winked when he saw the departure at 5:15 am, one hour earlier than the original departure time and delayed arrival due to a five-hour transfer.

That wasn’t the worst part.

The new flight that Southwest Airlines took her on was Monday.

“Oh, this was definitely something that didn’t work,” she said. “The biggest day (at the meeting) is tomorrow.”

The Prime Minister, who holds the top position in Southwest Airlines’ frequent flyer services, waited 90 minutes on Southwest Airlines’ priority customer service line and then hung up and contacted via Twitter.

Southwest Airlines didn’t have a flight option to get close to Ashville by the end of Sunday, so they started searching for tickets on other airlines asking for a $ 350 ticket refund.

The best she’s found: $ 650 round trip from Delta to Atlanta. She spends several hours driving to Asheville on her 37th birthday. She got one of the last car rentals available in Atlanta, but the price was high. It was $ 600, twice as much as I would pay for a car from Greenville.

“It was a day,” she said.

Know your rights: The airline’s obligations to pay if a flight is canceled or delayed are as follows:

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Airline Spring Break Flight Cancellation: 12,000 and Count