Airbnb launching anti-party crackdown for summer holidays

Charlotte, NC (WBTV)-Vacation rental company Airbnb announced Thursday that it will begin cracking down on rebels during the summer vacation.

According to a press release, the company will conduct enhanced screening for lessors considering bookings for Memorial Day weekends or the weekend of July 4th. Guests who do not have a history of positive reviews are prohibited from booking one night, and further restrictions apply to guests who wish to book two nights.

“Protecting the host really means they are our partners. That’s the name of the game. We have nothing without the host. They are working. They are. Welcomes guests and the host does not want the party to take place, “said Ben Bright, director of Airbnb’s Trust and Security Communications.

Charlotte’s short-term rental host, Branden Whitehurst, said he likes the company’s measures to prevent parties.

“I definitely appreciate it because I don’t want bad apples. I like delicious apple pies. I don’t want to put bad apples in apple pies. I don’t want to have bad guests on Airbnb!” Whitehurst said.

The 2022 summer vacation crackdown isn’t the first attempt by Airbnb to limit parties on rental properties.

According to a Thursday press release, the company’s defenses discouraged more than 850 people from booking the entire list of homes on the holiday weekend of July 4, 2021.

In 2019, the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department pointed out that police were answering dozens of calls for short-term rentals and asked the host to register the rental property with an agency. In June of that year, even a party held for short-term rentals suffered a deadly shooting.

Whitehurst believes that unauthorized parties are inevitable, but lessees need to be respectful.

“Yes, we can have a good time, but let’s not go outboard. If you invite me to your house to have a good time, I will make your house I’m going to treat it like my own home, “said Charlotte’s host.

According to Bright, Airbnb will consider taking legal action against guests holding unauthorized parties.

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