where do you stop? Of course, there are many old favorites. Happy Paradise in the Far East established itself as a welcoming choice for globetrotters in need of rest in the early days when aircraft weren’t all that powerful. Then there is the “newcomer”, a city in the Middle East. As planes have become more powerful and flight paths have changed, they have become a huge part of travel conversations.

Here are 10 ‘likely transfer’ locations in Asia and North America, and why you should switch terminals to taxis or trains.


time difference


where am i flying?

almost anywhere. The flamboyant of the seven United Arab Emirates has established itself as a global hub over the past two decades, making him one of the key stops en route to Australia. But you could be as easy as going to the Far East. Its national airline, Emirates (0344 800 2777; emirates.com), flying to six continents.

Transfer to town

30 minutes – Airport via Dubai Metro (rta.ae).