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My unscientific dub of “American camping consciousness” has the unfortunate idea that backpacking should be a training experience.

Car camp? Load buddies, cold beer, pack the entire queen mattress into a rig, and bring an adult-sized elastic home. But backpacking? A quick scan of your local gear shop reveals that ruthless rationalization is needed to survive outside with only what you can carry. Not only use ultra-light gear, but also eliminate all excess foam, eat only tasteless dehydrated astronaut food. I’m here to say this is nonsense!

During the 14 years of backpacking in Northern California, I packed a bunch of steaks, a Ziploc bag full of skewers of shrimp marinated in lemon juice and garlic, some beer, and small castings.Iron grill plate for cooking steaks, a copy of the 928-page novel 1Q84, French press, half a dozen eggs, and tortilla chips family-sized bags. And what do you guess? My feet are still on my body.

I have also endured a share of sad ramen and various freeze-dried “diners”. In the name of a slight weight reduction on the trail, it turns out that it’s not worth compromising what you can do or cook at your destination. If you’re going to go backpacking for fun and you’re already going to hike with you in the equivalent of a small garage, don’t reward yourself instead of performing outdoor punishments mosquito?

Now there is absolutely time and place to consider every ounce you put on your back.If you are embarking on all sorts of things Long trekBurning weight and space with overly heavy sleeping pads or cheese bricks is not always the best idea.The companion who did it Pacific Crest Trail Olive oil was the densest food you could put in his pack, so you had to drink it straight to get calories. The theory advanced here is about weekend trips and I haven’t been to unsupported trekking for more than 3 nights, but I think a few pounds of fresh vegetables will hinder such an expedition.

However, even for a three-night trip, there may be room for a luxurious dinner. Yes, hiking to the campsite can be a bit tricky on the first day, but with proper planning, you can get rewards for a really good meal in places that seem beyond the scope of such luxury. Also, most foods that look unsuitable for long periods of time outside the cooler box are probably good for the first night. The food tastes better when you are in the woods. This is doubly true when backpacking everything.

Suffering is necessary to appreciate the outdoors properly, and the most real way to be one with the mountains is to avoid worldly joy and feel small. This idea not only trades heavily on Sorovia’s idea that nature is a pure, pristine land completely separate from humans, but also the frank truth that, for example, one does not drive into the wilderness. I believe in Use a car or an ultra-lightweight camping stove. And that’s ok! You can enjoy it.Stuff in chicken satchel Cordon bleu, an oversized pillow strapped over the backpack, cheerfully creates space for an oversized mancala board. Pamper yourself, and you will love backpacking even more.