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Warm weather brings memories of childhood.Whether you operated Driveway Running through lemonade stands, sprinklers, catching fireflies and rekindling those emotions is good for the soul, especially if it involves staying in your own tree house. No matter where you walk around the United States this season, the number of accommodations that will allow you to return to your leisurely days is skyrocketing.

So, whether your goal is to stay near amenities or find comfort in the middle of the woods, consider booking a once-in-a-lifetime stay at a tree house. These unique properties take advantage of natural elements while offering spectacular views, fresh air, and a good night’s sleep.There are 8 here Treehouse Borrow for your next weekend vacation.

Wonder Last Tree House – Alabama

Part of staying in a tree house is finding loneliness and interacting with nature. Wonder Last Tree House Located on 40 acres of Crane Hill, Alabama, it is the perfect location. Take in views of the two-acre lake, cross the nature trail, or watch wildlife from a private deck overlooking a secluded site.In this adult-only hideout KitchenetteIf you don’t have Wi-Fi and no TV, the real purpose is to take it off responsibility for a while.

Escape Tree House – Utah

What happens when a 100-year-old stately tree dies? You turn the wreckage into a tree house!Or at least it’s what the owner is Treehouse I decided to do so in Orderville, Utah. If you’re an adventurous enthusiast, you can cross the rock-climbing stairs in the wreckage of a tree to enter the property. Of course, if you prefer a more general approach, there are also stairs. In any case, enjoy a rustic interior with spectacular views of the nearby plateau.

Excalifir Suite – Oregon

As a word game Excalifir suite As you can imagine, it is placed against a background of fir trees and offers two isolation stories. Located in a junction of Oregon that can accommodate up to 6 people, this tree house also features stained glass elements and a catwalk leading to a private balcony. Excalifur is also part of the Vertical Houses Treehouse Paradise treehouse collection, so if you’re a large group and want to get away from everything, you can rent a few homes.

Airy Tree House-South Carolina

If staying at the beach seems like an ideal vacation, do so. Next, add a tree house.Unique shape of Airy tree house Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, allows this beautiful light to pass through Short-term rental It sleeps 6 people. The sea is just a short walk away, and restaurants and lighthouses are also nearby. There is a lot to do by staying at this property. This means that each guest can decide whether to explore the city or sit on a spacious deck.

Romantic Tree House – Virginia

As the name implies Romantic tree house In Lynchburg, Virginia, it is intended as the ultimate hideaway for two people.This property is characterized by being built by Animal Planet Tree house masters Located in a beautiful and historic building tree. The octagonal design means that each side has a spectacular view. This one-bedroom rental has a fireplace and a clawfoot bathtub, and there are plenty of cozy places. Bonus: You can get married onsite and have your wedding, reception and honeymoon all in the same place.

Moonlight Tree House – Missouri

Hermann’s cottage already has several tree houses (Sunrise and Sunset), but accessibility was a growing concern. So when they saw the perfect slope combined with the trees, the owner seized the opportunity to build a one-story tree house accessible from the road at the bridge.Other compassionate touches Moonlight tree house Hermann, Missouri has a kitchenette, multiple sleeping areas, two bathrooms and a deck. Adirondack chair.. It’s a great place for multi-generational travel, so invite everyone from toddlers to grandparents.

Tree House Mansion-Minnesota

30 minutes outside Minneapolis, Minnesota Tree house mansionFocuses on a luxurious experience. The house has four decks, a full kitchen, two fireplaces and a jacuzzi, but the highlight is the 150-year-old oak tree where the property is located. In addition, one of the decks is 40 feet above and contains a telescope for viewing landscapes, birds, and stars. Another advantage is that the tree house is located on a 500-acre lake, so you can plan activities such as hiking, canoeing and kayaking during your stay.

Pinecone Tree House-California

Pine cone tree house Although not so named because the pine surrounds it, this unique stay is shaped like a pine cone and is in a high position that looks like a real evergreen cone. This short-term rental is less focused on luxury. glampingHowever, the experience is worth it. You may have to get used to the bio-toilet and cross the stair ladder, but sleeping high in California’s Redwood is an unforgettable experience.