When planning a vacation getaway, The Last Frontier may be the last place to go for refreshing breezes and sandy walks. That’s right. But summer is coming! On your days off, unleash your outdoor adventurous spirit by dog ​​sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, or sledding while marveling at Mother Nature’s most spectacular performance: the Northern Lights, followed by a crackling hot cup of cocoa. , is your chance to cuddle up in a cozy sweater.

Born and raised in Alaska, I can confidently say that coming from the largest state in the union, we celebrate the holiday season a little more than anyone else. Duper) Put on your warm apparel and let’s go!

Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska

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1. North Pole

Alaska has already won the best vacation destination, and he lives in it himself! I keep

Down Mistletoe Lane and Kris Kringle Drive, past houses draped in wreaths and lights, giant trees in the center of town, Christmas in Ice Winter Ice Parkattracts large numbers of people every year. Ice sculpting contests, ice mazes, ice slides, fireworks and holiday festivities abound. North Pole Post OfficeSanta’s “elves” open to reply to 400,000 letters received from loyal followers around the world.

Then gingerbread style santa claus house Here, national television broadcasts live throughout December. Take a photo with a 43-foot wooden Santa before meeting the jolly old man himself, then head over and introduce yourself to the other half of your team. Antler Academy next door. Get up close to Santa’s trusty horses with a pen, learn about reindeer games, and even pet and feed them. Maybe they’ll have a good word with the big guy for you.

Pro tip: Accommodation in the Arctic can be difficult to secure during this very popular time of year, but nearby Fairbanks is an easy distance and a much larger city offering many accommodation options. .

Aurora Ice Museum near Fairbanks

Aurora Ice Museum near Fairbanks

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2. Fairbanks

A short sleigh ride from the North Pole, fairbanks, brings enough festive holiday games to grace its halls and challenge even its famous neighbors. The winter solstice on December 21st is a bright northern auspicious day, and since sunlight only comes for a few hours, the solstice signals a return to light and time for big parties!

of winter solstice celebration Beginning amidst a dazzling array of Fairbanks holiday decorations, it showcases Alaska’s finest artisan products and spectacular ice art installations.

Stop by with Santa before boarding the short but fun Santa Train. Tanana Valley Railroad Museum at Pioneer Park. After returning home, why not add a reindeer walk to your itinerary? running reindeer farm A friendly reindeer ready for a walk – no need to run!

The Design Alaska Holiday Concert Set the mood and warm your tummy with our sizzling creations, and finish the evening perfectly with a bespoke meal. summer solstice fireworks Welcome the arrival of the light.

However, you don’t have to wait to indulge in the light. Just an hour down the road is the mecca of all things great. Chena Hot SpringsThere is a reason why visitors from all over the world make the pilgrimage here. The hot springs’ famous healing minerals recharge your body, and gazing at the Northern Lights overhead recharges your soul. This year, you will be one of hers who are refreshed, rejuvenated, and born again from the holiday season.

Pro tip: A must visit while in Chena Hot Springs. Aurora Ice Museum, is the largest ice building of the year. Everything from the stairs to the corridors to the ceiling is made of shimmering ice. Spectacular views, but you might want to go back to the hot springs later.

Quaint fishing village in Petersburg, Alaska

Quaint fishing village in Petersburg, Alaska

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3. Petersburg

A particularly charming little coastal town in the Southeast Panhandle, Petersburg pays homage to Norwegian traditions and brings a Scandinavian flair to its holiday festivities. Juleb King It’s the height of the holiday spirit during Christmas week in ‘Little Norway’ and is a bit reminiscent of Halloween Wasseling. Residents dress up in costumes and masks, going from store to store in costume singing her Christmas carols in exchange for sweets while the audience tries to guess who they are.

annual petersburg festival of light Marvel at the sight of the entire town parading down Nordic Street behind Santa, carrying candles to light the giant community Christmas tree. They gather around the tree to enjoy live music and dancing, hot cider and the joyful traditions of the old country.

Pro tip: St. Petersburg also hosts Polar dip Especially for adventurous hardy revelers who want to ring in the new year with a splash.

4. Talkeetna

Located in Mats Valley just two hours north of Anchorage, picturesque Talkeetna is a nature lover’s dream and in a nutshell the perfect blend of vacation and outdoor fun. Winterfest. The festival kicks off in the first week of December with a “Wilderness Woman” competition, followed by a Bachelor Auction Ball, ceremonial Christmas tree lighting, a parade of lights, and a progressive dinner showcasing fresh Alaskan gourmet fare. Cheers continue for a month. .

Talkeetna is a great starting point for your trip. Denali National Park, is more crowded and more expensive during the summer months, but off-season rates offer the ideal winter wonderland experience during your vacation. Enjoy seasonal fun with snowshoeing, snowy winter hiking, cross-country skiing, and snow biking.

If that sounds tiring, get muddy and let the dogsled pull you. Of course, you can’t live without going ice bowling.

Pro tip: Flightseeing around Denali, North America’s highest peak, is an even more spectacular, to-do-list event during the winter months. You’ll find it hard to beat this once-in-a-lifetime experience — a timeless Christmas gift.

Juneau, Alaska

5. Juneau

Located on the southern islands known as the Inside Passage, Alaska’s famous capital transforms into a magical Christmas snowglobe during the holiday season and takes the lead in festive cheer. From government buildings to businesses to private homes, everything is impeccably decorated, lit and even more dazzling from above…

Light flights take passengers by helicopter through the city and to the majestic Mendenhall Glacier. Best of all, during donation season, ride proceeds are donated to local non-profit charities.

Every Christmas Eve, Juneau residents walk a beautiful torchlight parade to light the way to Eaglecrest Ski Area and show Santa the way. Listen to her Christmas carols, sip warm cider, and browse her Christmas market for unique Alaskan gifts. Admire the fishing boats expertly painted in the harbor’s Christmas lights, and after a decadent dinner, enjoy the sounds of Christmas at the Holiday His Pops Her concert.

Pro tip: The Alaskan town of Juneau has at least one unique tradition that won’t disappoint.Please join us as this is an annual event. Juneau Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count Help document the spectacular array of bird life that thrives in this wildlife wonderland.

Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

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6. Anchorage

As Alaska’s largest city, it’s also an ideal place to celebrate the season with a traditional holiday vibe and enjoy day trips to nearby towns on the Kenai Peninsula. There are Christmas decorations all over the city. Town Square Park And the neighborhood is trying to get over Christmas with each other.

There is an open sled ride with one horse. christmas village Pleasant to the eyes, ears and stomach, it cheers everything up. Ice sculptures and carols abound, and even the animals at the Anchorage Zoo are in the Christmas spirit. zoo lights.

famous Alaska Railroad Holiday Train is the highlight of the season, which runs from late November through December. It’s usually sold out, so it’s recommended to book early. The popular round-trip adventure features holiday music, Santa and his elves, and the experience of actually being inside a snow globe as you journey through the winter wilderness to the town of Seward.

Located on the Kenai Peninsula just south of Anchorage, Seward, Homer, and Kenai all boast gatherings and events that deserve good news from Seward. Luminary ski event Homer’s Winter King Salmon Fishing on New Year’s Eve Christmas Comes to Kenai Festival.

Pro tip: Girdwood, Headquarters Alyeska Resort, just 40 miles from Anchorage, hosts countless holiday festivals and winter outdoor activities, including the New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade. The parade sees skiers and snowboarders descend the mountain with torches in hand, followed by fireworks and parties to the cheers of all. listen.

Many people dream of visiting Alaska, and some do, but few think about experiencing Alaska in the winter. Those who take advantage of this opportunity will discover her most pristine and sparkling gifts. What better place to celebrate the happiest time of the year? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!