Faced with a new direct route from Cork and the lowest number of tourists in decades, there has never been a better time to visit the Queen of the Adriatic Sea.

Spring also means less crowded. Meanwhile, the Venice Biennale, often referred to as the “Olympic Games of the Art World,” begins later this month and runs through November (ticket € 25).

From June of this year, if you want to delay your break a little more, you can fly from Cork to Pisa if you’re looking for a city in Tuscany, but if Sardinia gets even closer with a direct flight to Alghero, you’re not. I’m looking for a break in the Mediterranean.

Looking for an alternative to cruises? The popular cruise company MSC offers a 7-night med cruise on a seaview ship departing on May 13. View. This cruise departs from Barcelona and visits Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Taormina and Valletta. Prices include flights from 1,229 pps (eg including flights from Dublin-including round trips from Dublin to Barcelona, ​​transfers to and from ships).

  • Stop: For a typical Venetian hotel, check out Hotel Galleria, which offers canal views from antique-filled rooms, perfect for this 16th-century building. Rooms start at 140 euros per night.
  • Get there: Ryanair Fly from Cork to Venice on Saturdays and Tuesdays, with fares starting at around € 75 round trip.

La Gomera

Roque de Agando (commonly known as Roque de Agando) is a prominent rock formation on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands. It is one of the most striking features of La Gomera and is often used as a symbol of the island.

Tenerife has long been one of Cork’s most popular destinations, but if you’re looking for a break in the Canary Islands beyond the main slipstream, take a little more trip to the barely-discovered island of La Gomera. Please consider. The second smallest Canary Islands can be reached in an hour by ferry from Los Cristianos, just south of Tenerife South Airport. Early landing time from Cork means that travelers have the option of making the entire trip on Tenerife in one day or one night.

San Sebastian, La Gomera’s main port and historic capital (where Christopher Columbus departed), is a base for travel postcards, but when you step into the wilderness of this lush volcanic island, it really is. I feel the switch off. .. Imagine a scene similar to a Healy Pass surrounded by black beaches, thick laurel forests, incredible mountains, lush valleys, and cacti. All dreamy backgrounds for hiking, relaxing and drinking Sundowner to one of Europe’s ultimate escapes.

  • Stop: Built in the style of a traditional Canary village, but with stunning cliff-top settings and a collection of panoramic swimming pools, Jardin Tecina is La Gomera’s ultimate resort oasis, starting at € 180 per night. There are rooms.
  • Get there: Ryanair Fly from Cork to Tenerife on Saturdays and Tuesdays, with fares starting at around € 250. Ferries to La Gomera are operated by Fred Olson and are expensive. In the summer, we will pay a round-trip fare of around 170 euros for a one-hour one-way trip. Perhaps it’s worth it for a ticket to something that feels like the edge of the globe.

Lake constance

Lake Constance: 1 hour from Zurich, accessible from the airport
Lake Constance: 1 hour from Zurich, accessible from the airport

A short stay in Switzerland can be off the list of many travelers due to the constant strength of the franc. However, there is a brilliantly overlooked way to take advantage of Cork’s new direct route to Zurich. Take the first train to Germany. The gorgeous city of Konstanz on the shores of Lake Constance is a long-weekend dream destination, one hour by train from Zurich Airport and scenic. While in Konstanz, explore one of Germany’s best-preserved old towns or choose a relaxing excursion to get the most out of your lake life. Take the ferry to Insel Mainau, a flower island featuring a butterfly house and a Baroque palace, or to Meersburg, a postcard medieval village surrounded by vineyards and two fairy tale castles. If you have a few more days off, visit Austria and Liechtenstein to go around Lake Constance before returning to Zurich.

  • Stop: Hotel Harum Located on both the lake, the train station and Altstadt, it is a great base for your stay in Konstanz, with rooms starting at € 110.
  • Get there: Switzerland This month we are launching a new route from Cork to Zurich. Prices start from 245 euros. The fare for the train from Zurich to Konstanz is about € 50 round trip.


Sign of Root Tourist du Champagne against the backdrop of the vineyards of the Champagne district of Valle de Marne, France.
Sign of Root Tourist du Champagne against the backdrop of the vineyards of the Champagne district of Valle de Marne, France.

The flight route to Paris does not have to mean a weekend on the banks of the Seine. From Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can reach the iconic Champagne region in less than an hour. Centered around the towns of Reims and Epernay, the tranquil area of ​​the acclaimed winery creates an idyllic way to spend a long weekend and become a true expert in the capital of Fizz. Visit iconic houses such as Mam, Vove and Tatlinger during the day, dine at the Michelin restaurants in the area at night, or rent a bike to the hills with baguettes and bottles of foam. Let’s go by bicycle.

  • Stop: Enjoy the following fascinating gems Le Logis aux Bulles From € 95 per night, you can enjoy the finest experiences such as Le Royal Champagne Resort and Spa for € 600 per night.
  • Get there: The Air Francetarget = “_ blank” rel = “noopenernoreferrer”> Service from Cork Airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle is back this week with a round-trip fare from € 154.You can also check the fare at Vueling People flying from Cork to Olly on the south side of Paris.
  • All of the above fares include carry-on baggage of 10 kg or more.


In the evening, the old town of Gdansk on the river Motlawa. On the right is the historic wooden crane, a landmark of the city.
In the evening, the old town of Gdansk on the river Motlawa. On the right is the historic wooden crane, a landmark of the city.

I like the idea of ​​Copenhagen, but don’t you like the price tag? Now, why not consider a flight from Cork to Gdansk? If you’re looking for a break in the Baltic States that won’t break your banks, Polish cities offer sophisticated Scandinavian destinations, but spend less.

In the old town of Staremiast, there is a mysterious labyrinth of the Old World, a postcard of the architecture of the era. The city’s waterfront is a stylish district where bougie yachts and historic galleons cast a shadow over top seafood restaurants and artisan amber merchants.

The city is child-friendly, culturally rich and offers great food. If the weekends start to get hot, you can quickly take a train to Sopot, a historic seaside spa resort near the Polish Riviera.

  • Stop: In a slightly more valuable context, the Hilton in Gdansk (billed as a 5-star hotel) on this historic waterfront offers rooms from € 77 per night (hilton.com).
  • Get there: Ryanair A round-trip spring fare of € 150 from Cork to Gdansk on Thursdays and Mondays.