Cabana Bay Beach Resort joined Universal Orlando’s impressive hotel lineup in 2014, celebrating eight years since it first opened its doors to guests. For some, it’s only natural to choose Cabana Bay, which has the perfect decoration inspired by the 50’s and 60’s. In addition to a sunny Orlando stay.

But given that Cabana Bay is classified as one of Universal’s value resorts, this retro beauty is often overlooked. Here are four reasons why you should consider Cabana Bay for your next trip to Orlando …

1. Go back in time …

Image: Erie Clark

The vibrant theme of Cabana Bay means that from the moment you enter the resort’s vast lobby (which features a fairly funky Swizzle lounge bar), you’ll quickly discover a dreamy and retro atmosphere. ..

From the beautiful classic cars in the parking lot waiting to be praised to the old-fashioned commercials played on the big screen in the cafeteria, it feels like going back in time. A short bus ride (or walk) from the thrills and excitement of Universal Park.

2. Great for lazy resort days …

Bayliner Diner at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort
Image: Erie Clark

Walking around the theme parks all day can be a daunting task, and sometimes you only need a lazy resort day to rest and recharge and prepare for your next big adventure. What makes Cabana Bay perfect for cold days is that you can easily fill the entire morning and evening without leaving the resort grounds.

After a rich breakfast at the Bayliner Diner, enjoy one or two games at the Galaxy Bowling Alley on the second floor. Then, of course, it’s time to relax around one of the two pools before going to the lawn to watch a movie before dinner. As a sweet treat, you can grab a smore kit and relax around the fire pit while toasting the marshmallows. Cabana Bay also has a full gym for those who want to walk 20,000 steps on their days off.

3.3. The flowing pool at the front door …

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Lazy River
Image: Loews Hotel

Speaking of lazy days, if you’re your party person lining up lazy river bees as soon as you enter the water park, Cabana Bay will cover you. Located just outside the Americana building, the flowing pools of Cabana Bay are the perfect awakening to end a busy day in the park or get off to a great start.

Relax with a tube while listening to relaxing music on the premises of Cabana Bay. The best place? Open until 11:00 pm, perfect for refreshing after a trip.

4.4. A little far from Volcano Bay …

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Volcano View Room
Image: Loews Hotel

However, at some point you will have to leave the resort. Volcano Bay just hops, skips and jumps. Be sure to use the designated entrance for CB and Aventura Resort guests only, just a short walk from Cabana Bay.

Some rooms in Cabana Bay are so close that you can enjoy unparalleled views of Krakatau volcano in the volcanic bay. So before you leave the room, you can check the level of the crowd and plan your first ride. .. (PS early risers can also show the key to the Universal Hotel room and enter the park in front of guests on a normal day to get the perfect sun lounger spot on the park’s stunning Waturi Beach.)

Universals Volcano Bay
Image: Universal

Honorable Mention: Looking for a midnight treat after Halloween Horror Night?
The Bayliner Diner in Cabana Bay is known to be open until early morning on certain days of the Halloween Horror Night Season from September to October. The combination of Value Stay and Post Scare Snacks makes it easy to enjoy the perfect weekend at Halloween Horror Nights.

Is Cabana Bay Beach Resort an on-site pick at Universal Orlando? Would you consider staying there for your next Orlando vacation? Please let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.