Spring is here. Do you feel the urge to pack your bag and go on an adventure? If so, you are not alone.They are in 2022 Year of travel..

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Early signs – from Hotel When Flight Reservation to Consumer survey – Everything shows the resurgence of the travel industry.Despite inflation … despite the airlines having to find Creative route Around Russian airspace … People are ready to make a great trip with their loved ones.

American Express (NYSE:AXP) On Monday, we announced the results of the 2022 World Travel Trends Survey. Here’s what they found:

  • 86% The percentage of respondents expect more or less the same spending on their 2022 trips compared to before the pandemic.
  • 76% I plan to travel more with my family this year
  • 74% Ready to book a 2022 trip, even if you need to cancel or change it later
  • 65% I want to take a dream vacation rather than buying a new car

AmEx conducted this survey from February 3rd to 11th (US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Japan, India, Australia). And even after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, this sentiment seems to be persistent.

AirDNA tracking vacation rentals Airbnb (NASDAQ:ABNB) And Vrbo, said Reuters last friday The booking is “49% higher than this time last year and 26% higher than 2019 before the pandemic.”In Europe, booking flights Up 3 digits Year-on-year!

Still, as people flock to travel platforms during this time, it also sheds harsh light on their business practices.

As Airbnb built the home-sharing industry in the era of Web 2.0, it tells users what they want. It’s mostly their road or highway.

On the other hand, in Web3, these old gatekeepers are left behind. New competitors are attracting talent and users with more friendly policies and rates, and often by empowering them with the voice of these decisions.

It’s no wonder that the most intriguing travel startups are using blockchain technology to promise cheaper, better travel options and villa rentals. Here are three notable … and maybe give them a try for yourself!

Dtravel and Travala

“Airbnb is abusing users, but there is a decentralized alternative,” wrote Luke Kim, co-founder of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Editorial Cointelegraph In July.

Luke Kim is also part of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Dtravel ((((TRVL-USD), Vacation rental host and guest community.

“It didn’t take long to realize that this vision of the sharing economy was a lie,” Kim wrote. “Guests pay too much, hosts pay too little … Platforms like Airbnb are in conflict with users because they need to do everything they can to maximize profits and ensure survival. I am. “

This is a polite way of saying it compared to this viral tweet (and reply). As last year’s travel season was overheated, one Airbnb user showed how expensive her transactions were – a surprise! – – more Than the stated cost of the room itself:

The service fee alone may cost an additional 20% on Airbnb. On the other hand, “Dtravel’s fee is set to 10%, but it can be reduced to 5% from the combination of reward and giveback.” Their website..

The mechanism is as follows. At Dtravel, all of this booking revenue will go to the finances of Dtravel DAO, which is managed by the community of TRVL crypto holders. Hosts, guests and investors all have a say in business and policy decisions. And they can earn more TRVL through contributions or as an incentive for loyalty to book on Dtravel.

Dtravel is a companion project Travala ((((AVA-USD). If Dtravel is blockchain Airbnb, Travala will Expedia (NASDAQ:EXPE) Of the blockchain where you can get the “Best Price Guarantee” at 3 million hotels around the world.

In fact, Expedia is a major supplier of these travel transactions, with Travala acting as a cryptocurrency partner.Book through them, and you can pay at your choice 80 types of ciphersIncludes Dtravel TRVL tokens.

Source: Travala

Supported by both Dtravel and Travala Binance ((((BNB-USD). In addition to former Airbnb executives, their advisory board Booking.com (NASDAQ:BKNG); Andre Chronier, Founder yearn.finance ((((YFI-USD); And Sebastien Borget, co-founder sandbox ((((SAND-USD) Metaverse.

By December, just six months after its launch, Dtravel was proud of it. 250,000 rental At 20,000 destinations.Its older brother Travala attracted 318,000 active users a month. By the fourth quarter, And revenue went from just $ 2.5 million to $ 17.4 million. In short, Travala grew 596% year-on-year, well before the start of the summer travel season.

Jet token

In terms of transportation Jet token Provides a smartphone app for booking private jet flights. This is, so to speak, an industry that actually took off during the pandemic.

In January last year Rob ReportCovering the world’s luxury markets, we learned that civil aviation has seen a 300% gain For first-time customers, year-on-year, mainly for personal travel.

Looking back at 2019 instead of 2020, “the demand for private jet travel is 20% above pre-pandemic levels,” JetToken said. That crowdfunding page.

In its bid to bring civil aviation to the masses, see Jet Token also raising its startup funding from the masses.Is one of the private deals I emphasized before Here at Investor Place.

The uniqueness of Jet Token is that it uses the blockchain platform built on it. Ethereum ((((ETH-USD), To book your customers’ flights more efficiently – achieve the best cost savings. This will open civil aviation to a whole new customer market that was previously unpurchasable.

One way Jet Token saves money is to combine small private flights and long commercial flights all in one transaction. – Like this example:

Source: Jet Token

Also, if you choose to pay in cryptocurrency, your booking will be made on a smart contract rather than a traditional bank. There are no hidden charges and you don’t have to wait for confirmation throughout the night, weekends and holidays.

Jet Token is also working on another cost-cutting feature.

Jet Token’s expansion of the blockchain platform will allow us to book direct flights on private jets, but we will need to resell unused return legs. This is also Ethereum, which occurs directly among Jet Token customers. No middleman gets in the way or gets cut.

JetToken, like Dtravel and Travala, has embraced an industry that hasn’t changed for decades and is revolutionizing the game.Travel may actually be fun Also. And by itself, these startups are worth seeing on this year’s trip.

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