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If you’ve missed a Half Dome hike permit or landing a state park campground, booking a vacation in California’s most popular outdoor area is a de facto competitive sport. I know that. Often, campsite and wilderness permits in desirable locations that were available online six months ago will be snapped up within seconds of being posted.

In the last 17 months, the coronavirus pandemic has made Californians exploring the outdoors near their homes for the second year in a row. Parks and campgrounds around the state report record interest and sales, not to mention adventure tour companies and guides.

Demand has put ambitious but inexperienced outdoor enthusiasts at a disadvantage. Recognizing this issue, the two new startups aim to streamline the sometimes difficult logistics associated with the simple act of going out on weekends in California.

Somewhere outside: Kendra Coborn, 28, resigned from managing the supply chain and operations of lifestyle brands in San Francisco last year. Somewhere outside We offer customized backpacking, hiking and camping travel itineraries on consignment. For example, a two- to four-person weekend two-day camping trip on Lake Tahoe costs $ 200. This includes pre-travel plans (itineraries, maps, gear recommendations, permit information).