2 mid-Michigan families forced to drive home from vacation due to flight cancellations

Mich. (WNEM)- Cancellation of the flight interrupted the trip of thousands of leaflets nationwide, and some were stuck at the airport.

Over 12,000 flights in the U.S. have been delayed or canceled over the weekend

Instead of waiting for another plane, the two local families chose to find a new way back.

“We apologize to all the guests for canceling the flight,” said Marcus Garske.

Kaukaulin’s Garsuke heard a horrifying announcement on Friday night after spending hours at the Orlando airport.

For the Radtke family, the same thing happened late Sunday night, before leaving Fort Lauderdale on Monday morning.

“When the bags were packed, the clothes were laid out and we woke up, we were ready to roll. My husband checked the flight just to make sure the flight was cancelled,” Radtke said. Said.

They are not alone. According to Flightaware, over 12,000 flights were delayed or canceled over the weekend.

Both families were left with two options.

Get a refund or wait for your next available flight.

For Garske on Monday three days later.

“I’m a lawyer. I had a client who had to go to court today, especially at 6 o’clock on Friday, when the Secretary of State got stuck,” Garske said.

The next available flight for the Radtke family to Detroit was until Friday.

“But I’m a teacher, so it’s not realistic to leave the students during that time,” Ratke said.

The Radtke and Garske families were skipping Spirit. According to Flightaware, 28% of airline Sunday flights were delayed.

Weekend flight interruptions were not distinguished by airline.

Both JetBlue and Southwest Airlines suspended nearly 40% of Sunday flights. Both families felt they had no other choice, but said they would embark on a road trip.

“I had to be as positive as possible, but of course I was in panic mode,” Ratke said.

“It was a 36-hour day, it should have been a fast and easy flight from Orlando to Detroit,” Garske said.

Garsuke returned home at 2 am on Sunday morning. He has been on the road for 18 hours. As for Radtke, they were in Georgia at the time of this interview and expected to go home on a 20-hour drive.

“I hope we can sail well past Atlanta,” Ratke said.

Both said they somehow remained positive.

“It will be a story we can tell for the rest of our lives … remember when we were about to get stuck at Disney?” Garsuke said.

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