It is no exaggeration to say that travel has changed significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic began.We all went from planning a party trip to Bali to planning a complex walk to Woolworths, Australia just to escape. Blockade..

When Hostelworld, a hostel-focused online booking platform, revealed the most booked destinations in 2022, they said Australians would be on their next trip, even though overseas travel was resumed. I found that I decided to stay in my hometown.

Their ranking is based on Australian customer bookings made between August and November for this year’s trip. The 2022 trend was compared to normal pre-pandemic figures and used the same booking period from 2019 for trips scheduled for 2020 (regardless of canceled trips).

Overseas travel to Australia resumed in November, but towards 2022, Australian backpackers kept things very local. For the first time in history, 11 of Australia’s top 20 backpackers’ destinations of the year are in Australia.

May not be surprising COVID It changed the outlook for travelers, but how much it changed things is shocking. 95% of Australians usually travel abroad, but by 2022 this figure has dropped to 57%. Before the pandemic, more than one Australian city was on the top 20 list. Not even Sydney!

Australians are one of the most adventurous backpackers and that’s great news for the country. Byron Bay Is set to benefit the most and will jump from the 32nd space to the top spot in 2022 (a staggering 86% growth). The rest of the top five concludes with Airlie Beach, Cairns and Surfers Paradise, with London being the only foreign representative. In overview, Airlie Beach and Cairns were ranked 295th and 114th respectively in 2020, just two years ago.

Other international destinations that are still in the top 20 include long-time favorites Paris and Barcelona, ​​all of which relate to Australian locations. Sydney and Alice Springs were clearly successful, but this year Launceston, Coral Bay and Noosa were also successful.

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If you want to join these backpackers and explore everything Australia offers in 2022, Hostelworld There are great accommodations all over the country. Just keep your fingers crossed so that Omicron, as you know, calms down!

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